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About Craft Wool & Thread Co Ltd

Craft Wool & Thread Co Ltd is the UK distributor for Anchor wools and threads in ‘bulk makeup’ for needlecraft kit production.

Company Directors Jill McKay Smith and Joanne Bowling each have over 25 years experience in the needlecraft business.

Both were employed by ‘William Briggs, The needlecraft People’, who were manufacturers of fine needlecraft since 1874 and were based at Bolton in Lancashire.

Working closely with internal and external designers and manufacturers, they have hands on experience in all aspects of the needlecraft business from component purchase, kit development and assembly to sales and distribution.


When Coats Ltd relocated William Briggs to Hungary in July 2012, it was important that a secure supply chain was introduced for UK manufacturers using Anchor in their own kit production. With Coats' agreement Jill & Joanne launched ‘Craft Wool & Thread Co Ltd’ to maintain and develop Anchor’s commitment to UK needlecraft manufacturing.